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We are entrepreneurs that will help you launch your software product within a budget and in record time. That's our BIG IDEA. What’s yours? 

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Our Work

We build innovative web and mobile software products. Below are a few examples. Please contact us for more examples and a list of our capabilities. 

SurveySnap - Native iPad, Web

Software as a Service (SaaS), Business 2 Business (B2B)

This is production level application we developed. It features a native iPad application that is cloud connected with collaborative functionality. The application works seamlessly online and offline as professional integrated in the real estate field use it for conduction site-surveys. 

Their Clients Include: Blackboard, Securitronics, Electro Watchman
See More at www.survey-snap.com

KnotFriends – Online Tie Exchange

Web & Mobile Browser Marketplace

Leveraging the peer­-to-­peer sharing economy and the ‘collaborative consumption’ movement, KnotFriends was the world's first necktie swap where user would post ties they were tired of wearing and exchange them with other user’s ties they wish to update their look with.

Their Clients are Consumers
See More at www.knotfriends.com

OpiaTalk – WaaS (Widget as a Service)

Widget as a Service (WaaS), Web & Mobile browser widget

Hyper-Conversion widget for e-commerce websites. Shoppers visiting a site with OpiaTalk installed can invite friends and once a certain number of people join them in the chat widget, the whole group gets a discount. The technology offers a web and mobile browser widget.

Our Process

In addition to our technical expertise, each stage of our process is infused with our experience of founding and running successful companies. this preserves your resources and allows you to get more done with less. Below is an outline of our process for product development.

User Experience

We researching your users to construct a User Profile to guide the rest of the process creating an engaging user experience.


Wireframing is used to pinpoint the best design for your website or application to combine your brand with a great user experience.


Determining the right functionality to include effects your entire project. We can guide you on making these choices.


We utilize top software development talent to write clean and functional code that will satisfy all requirements. Guaranteed.


These set packages allow you to get to a specific stage of your product development or create a custom plan


65 hours of work
Receive a clickable prototype to display the functionality of your app or website.
Use it to:
- Validate commercial viability
- Attract Partners / Cofounders
- Get into an accelerator
- Prove a concept, etc. 
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125 hours of work
You will have a coded app or website that is functional to a minimally viable standard
Use it to:
- Get Beta Customers
- Pre-sell Customers
- Get feedback on features
- Raise Money, etc.
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$20k – $100k 
Custom # of hours
We will create your mobile and/or web app that is ready to accept paying customers.
Use it to:
- Get Customers
- Generate Revenue
- Securely Deliver your service
- Scale your company, etc.
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Custom Package

Custom  $ per hours
Custom  # of hours
We can create a custom plan including quickly scaling up/down, dev ops, etc..
Use it to:
- Product Development Cycles
- Adding Features
- Scaling Maintenance 
- New Product Lines, etc. 
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Need more Data Points or Team Members? Please contact us.

About Us

We are startup entrepreneurs so we understand the challenges that come along with creating a product. Companies that work with us to develop software often benefit from our experience in building our own products and advising other startups. Below are some of the organizations and companies that we partner with to not only bring you top notch software development but also startup resources.


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